Eye Makeup Styles- 5 Techniques You Should Know

8/19/2017 12:00:00 AM | Bucky LaFountain
Eye Makeup Styles- 5 Techniques You Should Know

Eye communication plays a vital role on how a person is socially perceived, and eye makeup can dramatically impact that perception. There are diverse types of eyes out there varying in color, shape, and size with just as many distinct eyelash types to compliment them. Eye makeup has become an art form providing people the ability to express their personality types while making an emotional statement. There is a variety of eye makeup styles ranging from seductive cat eyes and sexy smokey eyes to subtle candlelit eyes. Below is a list of some of the most popular eye makeup styles and respective video tutorials on how to achieve them.

1. Cat Eye Makeup
This style is becoming incredibly fashionable especially for those looking for a way to compliment their eyes with a mysterious sultry look. The following video illustrates a technique you can use to achieve the perfect cat eye look. 

2. Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are another type of style that is becoming increasingly popular. By removing any harsh eye makeup lines and smudging them to create softer contrasts this style can achieve a sexy sultry look. Below is a tutorial on how to achieve this.

3. Candlelit Eyes Makeup
The Candlelit eye style may not be for everyone; however, if done correctly people can achieve an elegant look displaying the eyes as if they are shimmering while sitting by candlelight. The video below illustrates how someone can achieve this subtle but beautiful look.

4. Shimmery Eyes Makeup
Shimmery Eyes are lighter alternatives to their darker smokey eye counterparts. Many use this style to create a lighter look around the eyes without sacrificing sexy. Below is a wonderful example on how to achieve this beautiful look.

5. Rocker Eyes Makeup
If a person is seeking a bold eye makeup style the rocker eye might be perfect for them. Rocker eyes help to highlight and emphasize your eyes natural shape and color by implementing a more bold but sexy technique. Watch the video below for a great demonstration of this technique.

Although eyes come in a variety of shapes and sizes they do not have to limit your options.