Bloodshot Eyes (Red Eyes) Causes and Treatments
blood shot eyes

Although Bloodshot Eyes or Red Eyes are sometimes a result of conjunctivitis, there are many other causes that can render the same condition. As with other body organs, eyes, with the exception of their corneal tissue, contain blood vessels that transport oxygen and vital immunological cells that maintain eye health.

John Dalton and Color Blindness

Color blindness afflicts approximately 8% of all males and less than 1% of all females. What does it really mean to be color blind? To address this question letís go back a couple hundred years to a man named John Dalton and his observation and discovery of color blindness.

What is Orthokeratology ("ortho-k")?

Orthokeratology, is a treatment process, that uses rigid contact lenses to gradually reshape the cornea, to improve the vision of those suffering from Myopia.

John McAllister, Sr. and the First U.S. Shop for Optometric Services
John McAllister Sr

After opening the John McAllister firm there was no looking back. The firm became nationally recognized as specializing in everything optical. This included optical equipment, vision correction tools, mathematical instruments, and commercial photographs.

What is Anisometropia and How is it Treated?

Anisometropia is a condition first discovered by a Spanish scholar named Benito Daza de Valdes. According to Contact Lens King he described the disorder as a disorder where the two eyes have different refractive powers.


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